Sunday, May 13, 2012

a few more Frog Stories

Most of my Frog Stories are inspired by real events involving my various pet amphibians. As a sort of web-exclusive extra, I will share a few more stories about my critters. While my book contains comics, I have composed the extra stories in prose, with a few illustrations.

Horned Frog Gymnastics

Once, Bud (the Argentine horned frog) spied a juicy, mouthwatering earthworm before him. He lunged for it and missed. The worm crawled into a hole. Bud dove in with jaws agape. And found himself doing a head-stand. He kept in place for a few minutes, perhaps baffled by the predicament. By the time he regained his footing, the worm had escaped.

Flash versus Metallica

We introduced Flash (the firebellied toad) to join my two green tree frogs in a 15-gallon terrarium, and thought that the three would be friends. Characteristic of his breed, Flash took to the water dish. He swam about using the classic frog kick, floated with eyes above water and body submerged, stood on the stones, and didn't venture far from the “pond.” Meanwhile, the tree frogs dwelt mainly on the leafy plants or affixed to the glass walls, above the ground. Then Hoppy the tree frog clambered down from his perch and to the edge of the water, in search of a cool bath. And we heard a sound. HREF HREF HREF HREF—surprisingly high and loud. I took a closer look and listen, and found that the barking came from Flash. And then he climbed atop a rock in the pond, and glared down at the intruder. Hoppy, unconcerned, proceeded to the water. And Flash leapt towards him! Hoppy jumped away, back into the foliage. The amphibians might not be so compatible. Later, we found Flash and Hoppy together, with the former's jaws clamped forcefully around the latter's foot. And so, I reached my hand--giant by frog standards--into the cage.  Both animals jumped away, in different directions. Obviously, Flash needed a separate enclosure.

After becoming a lone toad, Flash found a new motivation to burn his territorial fire. Any time I set my boombox to heavy metal, Flash responded. HREF HREF HREF HREF! He heard the challenge and answered forcefully. And he had no fear about pitting his lone voice against the fearsome combination of vocals, guitars, and drums. My mom joked that it was a sing-along among angry young males. With his barking and posturing, Flash looked quite the intimidator, for a critter only two inches long. Were I a frog, I would keep my distance.

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  1. Those stories were great! I knew that fire bellied toads have anger management problems! They may like rock music, but flying squirrels do not, I recently had an infestation of them in the attic of an outbuilding and that is how I humanely got rid of them, ha!