Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Follow the Moon, my first print publication of 2019

My five page comics story “Follow the Moon” has been accepted for publication in Oh, Comics #27: Moon, an anthology edited and published by Bob Corby over at Back Porch Comics. The anthology will debut at SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo), April 27 & 28, 2019. I will not be at this convention (I tabled in SPACE 2017 and loved it) but my work will. My contribution to the Moon issue is likely to be my first print publication of 2019—unless Carlsbad Caverns National Park sends the Junior Bat Biologist book I illustrated in 2018 to the printer first. I think that "Follow the Moon" is one of the best comics I have ever done. I plan to find more venues to publish it in. However, a book full of Moon stories is a great place to start! In the story, I bring together several topics that fire my passions—marine turtles, Native American legends, and our friendly natural satellite. As is often my process, it started with a single drawing... this one... and later on, I searched for the story behind the image. And I found it.

Notably, there is also a story which preceded the image, a story which my grandmother, Evelyn Wood Moyle, frequently shared in her elder years, about a bird dropping a turtle on her rooftop.  In my comic, I expand upon her anecdote and push it into new territory.

 Page One:

The fourth panel of page two:

And that's all I'm sharing online.  Buy the print version (online sales of the anthology will start after SPACE 2019) to read the full story.