Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Hawk and the Flying Turtle

I composed this drawing as a gift for my friend Lesley, whose spirit animal is the hawk. The turtle could represent all the animals she aids. However, my choice to add the reptile was influenced by the story of my grandmother, Evelyn Wood Moyle, who departed from this earth four years ago, in January 2010. My family members know all about her connection to an aerial chelonian; for now, I shall let it remain a mystery to the outside world. I also recall the Dakota story of "How Turtle Flew South for the Winter;" I rather enjoy giving the turtle an odd voice when sharing this story with youngsters. You can choose your own interpretation of the flying turtle.

Happy 2014!

1 comment:

  1. The hawk does a fine job at aiding others.. so unbelievably interesting you created this work of art. My spirit animal is the sea turtle and the man who saved my life, my husband, is the hawk . Would love to know more about your inspirations but respect your mystery - thank you for creating this & sharing it with the world ! It means more to us than I can put into words on google - namaste 🙏🏼