Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Pika and the Pony

I will soon post another entry inspired by my travels in the southwest. In the interim, I return mentally to the Pacific northwest, and share a drawing which I created on commission. My friend Brad (of Homestead and Seattle Urban Farm Company fame) hired me to draw this as a gift to his wife Erika, for their first wedding anniversary. It depicts the spirit animals which each companion assigned to the other. As an Outward Bound guide who is at home on rugged alpine slopes, Erika is a pika. (I took some artistic license and made her a giant pika.) As an organic farmer who pulls weight much greater than his stature would suggest, Brad is a pony. The drawing was a hit with them, especially Erika. Afterwards, Brad shared with me some “bro” advice: "You should be sending mad art out to all the ladies at all times, in my opinion." I won't dispute his wisdom.

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