Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bison on the Prairie

Yesterday, I made this oil pastel drawing from life, and viewed this shaggy bull from the security of my car, near the southeastern end of Wind Cave National Park. It was like a pleasant fall day, with temperature around 50 Fahrenheit, and the sun dropped lower in the afternoon sky as I worked; I had already been for a hike in the prairie. Today, the temperature has plummeted, the wind whistles and the snow flurries, and visibility is less than 50 feet. A change in weather similar to the one described in the story of Tatanka! (See previous post.) In these conditions, the bison endures, faces the wind head-on, and relies on his many layers of fur and fat for warmth. I applaud the animal's durability. As for me, I am agreeable to be inside right now, but wish that I had a fireplace. Happy Holiday season, everyone!

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