Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bear goes a-sniffin' ; Countdown to Feb 17

Bears are fun to draw.  Simultaneously endearing and frightening.  This one is a black bear (Ursus americanus), whom campers across America must reckon with.  For the bear's nose is strong, as is its curiosity; and should the bear get a bite from your picnic, it shall become ravenous for more. (Note: the bear image is a panel from a comic book that I'm working on, the same comic as featured in my "Marmot TV" post.)

Like so many other animals and plants, bears of all types are feeling the heat from global warming. They face threats from declining food resources to melting ice shelves.  I'll be thinking of the bears, and the caribou, and the pikas, and the whitebark pines, and so many other living creatures when I board the bus for DC on February 17th. Wish me luck.  And I hope to see you there!

Forward on Climate icon by the Sierra Club, and they encourage us to share it broadly.  And you still have time to sign up for the rally or support it on Thunderclap!

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