Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marmot TV

Following up on the success of Frog Stories, I am developing a new comic book, to be a set of stories starring mountain wildlife.  One of the stories will be a collaboration with Steve Bissette (of Swamp Thing fame); he is at work on the script.  And I have started a solo story with the page above.  I based this page upon a good session of "Marmot TV".  Marmot TV is an experience shared by rangers at Crater Lake National Park.  Behind Sleepy Hollow (the dwelling place of seasonal employees), there is a talus slope, which is quiet by day.  But at dusk, against a purple sky, the pikas and marmots and Douglas squirrels emerge from under rocks and out of trees, and they frolic.  Sometimes, we go out and watch.  Hence, Marmot TV does not involve telecommunication technologies--just our eyes and ears, a viewing adventure we could share with Paleolithic man.  On a warm night in late summer, Lesley and I explored the rocky slopes, and had the good fortune to encounter a porcupine--who promptly huffed and turned and crawled inside a cave, evidently concerned that the biped mammals could be dangerous.  I intend to postulate some adventures for the spiny rodent, wherein he encounters fearsome denizens of the forest.

My cartooning process varies--this time I seem to be developing the pictures first, and will add the words later.  Sometimes, the order is reversed.  While I labor at these new images and text, my fans can seek wisdom and entertainment in Frog Stories.  This well-received comic book on wildlife is available from my etsy store, only a few clicks away, at a cost of only several dollars.  Additionally, I recommend a visit to a nearby forest, to experience real frogs and mammals!

Happy 2013, one and all!


  1. Love it! Makes me want to say "EEEEEEP!"
    -Ranger Carole

  2. Maybe you could lead the CRLA folks in a chorus of EEEPS? Like a bell choir only with pika-imitators!