Saturday, March 10, 2012

Return of the Midgard Serpent

Recently, I have been at work reclaiming my oil pastel drawing skills. It is the medium I have chosen for the cover of my forthcoming comic book (details to be announced, SOON!). And so, I am producing a series of "warm up" drawings, to get my color muscles in better shape. One such drawing is displayed above.

I might call this “Return of the Midgard Serpent.” As my previous rendition of the big snake is popular on the web, it seems wise to bring him back.

We have all seen or heard a story where a man goes fishing, and the bobber takes a nose dive-- something bit the line. He tries to real it in, but it pulls back like the gravity of Jupiter. And then he discovers he has hooked a giant monster! Perhaps the oldest recorded use of this motif took place in Norse mythology, when Thor hooked the Midgard Serpent.

I'll plan for more appearances by the big snake. And like I said, I have a comic coming down the pike, which features not reptiles but AMPHIBIANS. Stay tuned, true believers.... !

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