Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Emu and the Earthship

I am overdue for a blog post, so I shall share two creations: an interesting but unknown sketch, and an intriguing and widely-viewed video.

A sketchbook drawing which I call 'weird emu head.' A popular image among the five or so persons who have yet seen it.

And my youtube video, "Earthship Construction at The Homestead." The Homestead at Denison University is a unique student-run intentional community with a focus on environmental sustainability. I shall write about my experiences there in more detail in later blog posts. I shot this short video at The Homestead 30th Anniversary Reunion in May 2007. Current Homesteaders and alums joined together to work and celebrate. Events incuded contributing to the construction of Cabin Pheonix, which is an Earthship--a building made of tires filled with compacted earth. The design is durable, energy-efficient, and generally friendly to the earth. Homesteaders began planning the Pheonix design in 2006, and finished the grand structure in 2009, after much labor and love. At the time of this post, my little video has received 41,419 views! Therefore it is probably the most widely-seen media work of mine ever, to date.

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